Akarona is a small artisan workshop where we work mother and daughter, Lina and Vero. In our workshop we make textiles and dyes with plants, as well as spinning and weaving. We work with natural products; this means that in the case of textiles we do it with sheep wool and natural fibers. We have also incorporated a knitting machine, a small machine that allows us to make more dynamic pieces and work a little more agile. Textiles have come into our lives to stay there. Our workshop has been enriched over time, keeping as a guiding thread to do a craft and respectful work. We also have a low warp loom that we love! And with what we make some very special pieces. These require time, care and inspiration. This makes each piece unique. Well, our work wants to reflect what is next to us done with our hands, little by little, with love and a lot of care.

Introductory workshop to natural dyes
Introductory workshop on dyeing with plants, we will get to know the nearby plants with dyeing properties and we will practice with different fabrics.
Temporality Autumn / Winter / Spring / Summer
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Casa Jaumot, afores s/n
25591 Peramea
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