The views from the sky, overlooking the landscape in a way humans are not used to, in the majestic silence of heights, are probably the most privileged of all. Of the different flight options available, a trip on board a hot-air balloon gives you utterly genuine sensations and represents an intense experience for all the family above a unique territory, full of life, villages, plains, snow-covered mountains, crops, … A real postcard you will never forget! Do not worry if you are not very keen on adrenaline or extreme adventures. Contrary to all appearances, hot-air balloon flights generate an unexpected peace. The soft vertical movement and the absence of swinging of the basket avoid any kind of vertigo or bad sensations, even for the most scared passengers. Just feel well-being and privilege, nature and freedom …

Let’s start with the experience of a hot-air balloon flight in Cerdanya, one of the most attractive site for mountain and outdoor activities lovers, which, at this time of year, still offers unique   postcards that rime with snow-covered summits and spring colours that are irremediably extending from the valleys to the high peaks. Our 75-minute trip will allow us to fly over that mountain border area early in the morning, when thermal currents are at their best for an optimal experience. Under your feet, you will see the Pyrenees, Cadí mountain range and a unique view of Cerdanya plain, moving at the pace of the wind, without even noticing it. Travelling on board a hot-air balloon is much more relaxing than you may imagine, because the basket moves at the same speed and direction as the wind. The movement is so soft and harmonious that you will not even notice the wind on your face or on your hair. It is like travelling into a bubble.

Your guides will take pictures during the whole trip, which will end up with a glass of cava and breakfast with local cold meats after landing, next to the hot-air balloon.

A balcony located 1,000 metres above the rural areas of Central Catalonia

Montserrat is another exceptional Catalan area that is worth discovering from the sky. Although the specificity of this mountain range makes it unique from any points of view, this 75-minute flight through the Bages sky will fascinate you. Imagine discovering a new vision of that majestic landscape while the balloon is softly rising at dawn, crossing some strip of clouds, intensifying the feeling that you are living a really exceptional experience. You will be surprised by the first flames of the burner, that will inflate the huge coloured envelope that you will have in front of you and will start going up in an incredibly peaceful way, without any sudden moves or unpleasant sensations. You will soon be overlooking Montserrat massif, discovering some rocky reliefs you have never seen before, feeling that you are part of that captivating landscape located in the heart of Catalonia, and making out the Pyrenees and the whole plain of Osona. The flight ends up with a photo aimed at making the experience unforgettable, a glass of cava and a typical breakfast.

An unprecedented view of Montserrat massif

Our last proposal is a hot-air balloon flight over the territory of Solsonès, the “one-thousand-and-one-farm” region, which preserves a quite untouched genuine natural landscape. The view from the balloon will allow you to figure out the immensity of the local forests, rivers, crops and high mountain areas.

From up there, 1,000 metres above sea level, you will be fascinated by the view of Solsona, one of the richest cities in Catalonia regarding historical heritage. You will regularly feel the unmistakable sound of the burners, which will help us to direct the balloon towards the thermal currents that will let us proceed with the trip. You will not want to stop! The silence and the peace up there will give you a unique opportunity to see some birds flying or other wild animals running on the ground without noticing your presence. The quietness is such, that you can even hear some noises and conversations from the villages we fly over. Sharing these experiences with your fellow passengers will make you feel really privileged.

Once on the ground, after a soft landing, we will also finalize the experience with a drink and a tasting of local products. Have a great flight!