It’s never too late to learn something new…  With the wide range of courses and workshops within your grasp, what about increasing your knowledge of the natural environment in a privileged way? More than being a know-it-all, the idea is to learn in an exciting, practical and almost customized way in the company of skilled guides specialised in ornithology, astronomy, apiculture, botany, ... who will take you to incredible places that are real natural treasures you would never find on your own and that will make you feel in symbiosis with the surrounding nature.

Ebre Delta is the largest damp area in Catalonia, which rimes with unique natural riches and a wide range of waterbirds. Each year, photographers and bird lovers come from all over the world to enjoy this natural wonder. If you want to broaden your knowledge, the discovery activity on the birds of Ebre Delta will allow you to get familiar with attractive species such as grey herons, little egrets, red shrimps, flamingos, ducks, ... Another amazing activity that will allow you to get closer to that fascinating world is the scientific bird ringing, in which you will have the opportunity to touch species you have never seen before! In addition, Noctua Project allows you to discover interesting nocturnal birds of prey that have been taken care of in wildlife recovery centres and that will teach you a lot about environmental values.

Still in Ebre Delta, do not miss the opportunity to discover the world of bees in several educational areas. Thanks to the new technologies, you will plunge into apiculture in an interactive and didactic way and, equipped like a real beekeeper, you will go to the honeycombs to learn about the secrets of this ancestral occupation.

Let’s go to La Garrotxa region to find out about the original proposal of knowing the mysteries of a volcano totally blindfolded. The guide’s explanations will help you to go through that excursion full of sensations that ends up with a five-sense walk through Croscat volcanic area.

This natural scenery also allows you to discover the depth of Sadernes valley, Sant Aniol d’Aguja torrent and the spectacular Núvia waterfall, until Sant Martí de Talaixà. You will get fascinated by the luxuriance of that pre-Pyrenean landscape that is full of legends.

Cadí-Moixeró is another natural area that offers a wide range of workshops and courses in nature. Zoo dels Pirineus Foundation gives you the opportunity to enjoy an amazing show on birds of prey, which you will see doing acrobatic flights and incredible manoeuvres just in front of you. In such an untouched location, it is quite common that local wild vultures and eagles interrupt the show, making your experience even more authentic and unforgettable.

For the kids, do not miss the owl experience, an activity offered to small groups that will allow you to stroke and feed those funny nocturnal birds. 

In Cadí’s north face, from the fascinating mirador located on Galliner hill, you will have the opportunity to watch passing birds of prey. A real catalogue of migrating birds such as European honey buzzards, sparrow hawks, kites, booted eagles and falcons.

If you are captivated by the majestic flight of vultures, go for the interpretative excursion offered by Muntanya d'Alinyà nature centre. Ascend on foot and, from the mirador, thanks to a nearby feeding ground, watch carefully, with a telescope, how this gliding species that loves warm air currents eats.

From there, you also have the opportunity to go for a half-day 4x4 trip to watch chamois jumping and running around in their rocky habitat.

For deer watching, you will have to head a bit higher, in Alt Pirineu region. During the activity of large birds of prey and deer watching, the skilled guides, equipped with 4x4 vehicles, will take you to the habitats of roe deer, bearded vultures, cinereous vultures and golden eagles. The telescopes and material they will let you will also allow you to appreciate the elegance of wild deer and other animals, respecting their habitat. An unforgettable experience!

A few mountain ranges further, in the Ripollès region, discover the Pyrenees through the Smugglers Route on horseback. A one-week equestrian activity to enjoy the pleasures of trot and the deep landscapes of the Pyrenees and Camprodon Valley.

Let’s go back to the birds of prey which, thanks to rich range of the Catalan landscapes, have found numerous spots to nest. In the Montsec mountain, you will have the opportunity to see the routine of some scavengers very close up (bearded vulture, common vulture, Egyptian vulture), in silence, from the hides located near the feeding grounds, perfectly integrated in the environment. If you like photographing those wild birds, go for the Birds of prey photographing experience. The local specialized companies offer all-in half-day or multi-day trips in which you just have to focus on taking spectacular pictures of wild species from exclusive hides.

And if you still have your camera and lenses to hand, go to Secans de la Noguera to photograph the last steppe-land birds in Catalonia. Lleida plain also offers a series of customized stays in which you will just have to focus on your passion and boast about your incredible pics of nature.

Quite nearby, what about discovering the singularity of birdlife at Segre-Cinca-Ebre confluence with the activity of bird ringing? It’s really amazing to see them so close and to understand how they interact with the singular ecosystem that surrounds this natural spot. And as you are in this space that is so valued for wildlife watching, we recommend you the workshop on animal shelters. You will learn about how we can transform old wooden pallets into small shelters, mangers and toughs for different animal species. You will have fun and they will be happy, too!

This is it! Now spring is in full bloom and wildlife is in its highest vital activity, enjoy the wide range of workshops and family activities available! You will also find other options such as hot-air balloon flights, canyoning, via ferrata, speleology and astrology. Disciplines for all tastes which are all based on a common denominator: getting closer to nature and wildlife your own way. Priceless …