Have you seen how we have the Pyrenees of Catalonia this winter? Surely at one time or another you were dazzled to see the peaks dressed in snow, hidden under a leafy white layer that stretches along the entire mountain range and has even dared to dye the landscape white of villages and valleys little accustomed to such an idyllic landscape. Snow is magic, its presence changes everything. Every year the Pyrenees experience this sweet metamorphosis, going from the lush green of a summer full of emotions and outdoor activities to becoming another absolutely fascinating natural setting, with adventures of all kinds and an infinity of snow activities with children, family or friends. The different mountain resorts have deployed a huge range of proposals related to skiing in all its forms, and rural companies in the area also offer amazing activities of discovery, guidance and lots of proposals to enjoy the mountain during the months of snow.

If you haven’t done so yet, you should try snowshoes. It’s a unique way to enjoy the high mountains in the winter, at your own pace and feeling the snow crunch under your feet with each step, and you won’t need much equipment or master any specific technique. Recalling the more traditional style of winter hiking, you can delve into landscapes that are difficult to access with other skiing techniques. You will find proposals for baptisms or snowshoeing in Vallter 2000 or Port del Compte. Likewise, in the Val d'Aran and El Pallars there are also guided excursions, with routes tailored to your abilities, from family outings such as night excursions with the moon through the most magical forests of the High Pyrenees in Tavascan, to ascents or routes of more than a day.

Another way to get fully immersed in the most mesmerizing scenery of the year is to go Backcountry skiing. It’s also a great activity to get you started on snow adventure activities, either on short, very flat circuits in case you’ve never tried it, like with sealskins out and up! In Port del Comte, Vallter 2000 and in the Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici area, you will find proposals for all audiences, and they will provide you with all the material you need to spend a great day with your family while enjoying winter sports. And when you've already tried it and want more adrenaline, you can sign up for El Repte, Ripollès and Cerdanya. These are guided mountain ski trips of different levels, from beginners to more advanced, to discover all the possibilities of Backcountry skiing.

And for the more advanced, we have reserved The Carros de Foc crossing, a complete five-day guided tour through the Western Pyrenees looking for the best descents, opening the way to the lonely valleys and enjoying the comfortable shelters we find along the route. A great experience of snow and nature that will leave you with a deep memory.

And for lovers of alpine skiing and snowboarding, you have a whole range of proposals to enjoy your favourite sport, or even get started with skis if you haven't dared to date. The ski resorts of the Catalan Pyrenees will offer you the best scenery and everything you need to connect with the snow like never before.

And finally, if you are looking for a unique experience to wrap yourself in winter with all the comfort, think of proposals such as those in the High Pyrenees, at the Bahns in Tredós de Salardú. You can reach unimaginable places by riding a snowmobile or sliding with a split board, transforming downhill skis into a snowboard to enjoy long descents to paradise. And finally, of course, spend the night in this accommodation and wake up in an environment that not even in the best of your dreams would be so real.