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Region: • Pallars Jussà
Municipality: • Conca de Dalt
Discovery activities Courses and workshops in nature

A walk into darkness, amid the sounds of nature and the silence of a sky landscape, can be an ideal scene for stargazing with a telescope.

Enjoy a unique experience accompanied by a skilled astronomer and discover the Universe together with your family, your friends or your partner!

After discovering the sky with a didactic explanation based on spectacular images (a walk through what we know about the Universe), you will watch the sky, identify the main visible constellations, and learn about their mythology and about some clues to find your bearings at night. The final part –the most exciting one– will make you fly through the different visible stars with the help of a telescope!

Casa Sidral
C. Únic, s/n
25516 Torallola (Conca de Dalt)
Pallars Jussà (Lleida)
Phone number
630 666 044
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