GEOroutes Pyrenees

GEOROUTES PIRINEOS is a small company aimed at disseminating Pyrenean geology to all audiences in a rather scientific way. To do so, our experts use graphic material and try to make scientific language –which may sometimes be a bit stilted– more comprehensible for all. 

These explanations will allow you to know why there are fossils in the mountain, why continents are moving, how volcanos are formed and why rocks get folded?

Therefore, GEOROUTES has created a series of routes with different difficulty levels so that everyone can enjoy and learn about the planet we live on.

GEOroutes Pyrenees
Lakes of Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park
Located into Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, Colomers circus hosts around fifty glacial lakes. On the way, you will learn about the natural processes that have been modelling this wonderful scenery, about the composition of the rocks you will be walking across, about the active processes of the slopes, about hydrology, about fractures, about the characteristics of Colomers Dam, and about a lot of other geological curiosities that you will come across. Don’t miss it! Entertainment and learning for all. We also give you the opportunity to enjoy other lakes which, in spite of being isolated, turn to be as impressive as Colomers’s.
Temporality Spring / Summer
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Mining territory
We offer you two options. On the one hand, located at 2,300 metres above sea levels, the wild lead and zinc mines of Liat will allow you to learn about how the minerals used to be transported: the little towers that are still standing, the 13-km cable car that led the minerals to the treatment plant in Pontaut, the mining buildings, the vertical bridges, etc. And on the other hand, Victoria mines, designed and adapted to visitors and families, where you will find out about the mining operations as well as about the history and life of the workers. A short and practical option that allows you to get into the mine and put yourself in the miners’ shoes.
Temporality Autumn / Winter / Spring / Summer
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Forests and waterfalls
A series of routes through the incredible forests and waterfalls of the surroundings of Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park will make you feel fresh and enjoy a unique scenery. The varied half-day itineraries for all the family will allow you to identify the local plants and to interpret the surrounding landscapes.
Temporality Autumn / Winter / Spring / Summer
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